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Three types of locksmiths are most commonly seen everywhere first is the local locksmith, second is the professional locksmiths and the third is an individual locksmith. All these types of locksmiths are known for handling a special type of project. Regarding local locksmiths, such locksmiths are mostly active in handling daily based security-related projects. Which include normal lock repairing and normal security maintenance, individual door or window locking, lock installation within the apartment, and many more. Professional locksmith like that sandy spring locksmith is specialized in handling big projects which involve securing whole building and office within the commercial sector. Normally professional locksmiths are hired for such places where multiple locksmith hands are required.

In the last category, individual locksmiths are generally hired for hourly based projects. Individual locksmith is specialized in working on a single lock repairing project. They charge service costs to their client based on the time duration of work.