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Absolutely correct! Summer is in complete swing and so are the scammers.

  • Be confident to ask for Locksmith ID and permit number.
  • Not at all fall for preliminary at value of $15, $19, $25 etc… Extra than likely those are scammers.
  • Don't drop for fright plans either. If you have not settled on a price and they say you owe them a trip charge and they say they will call the police, say sure call the Police. That should scare them off. If not then they are flouting the rule if they don't go away and that's called stalking.

A true locksmith in Lakeland is always able to give you at least an estimated price over the phone. Please be aware of who you call. Lockout services are always a flat rate and most car key replacements are flat rates. Most of all, read reviews before you call a locksmith. If they don't have good reviews and have some fake good reviews, then you are likely to be scammed and pay too much.

Have fun this summer and be safe. Do not leave things out in the open and if you’re in the back yard, then lock all the front doors, even close the garage. It only takes a second for something to grow legs and walk off.