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Through studying and performance, professional locksmith experts know the traits of each kind of lock and are thus capable to identify which method to use in order to exploit this. The most common locks are of the pin and cylinder variety. These have a set of pins that slot down into a cylinder when locked, holding it in place and preventing the lock being opened. When you put in the right key into the lock, it forces up the pins, freeing the cylinder and allowing you to turn it, by this means opening the lock.

To open this sort of lock without the correct key, locksmith hamilton must first insert a tool to find out which direction the cylinder needs to be turned. Once the locksmith has recognized the right direction and turned the cylinder, they will then insert a pick or similar tool into the top part of the keyhole and begin coaxing the pins up out of the cylinder. The locksmith expert should then be capable to turn the cylinder fully, which will totally unlock the lock.